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By Taylor Wildlife, Jul 9 2018 01:00PM

Imagine living up in the clouds, in a windswept environment, with little to hide behind other than rock and scree. That's the home of the Scottish specialty, ptarmigan (Lagopus muta), a bird which has recently eluded me on previous visits to the highlands. Many people take the easy option when it comes to ticking this species off their bird list, taking a ski lift in the Cairngorms to watch ptarmigan whilst tucking into a bacon sandwich and a hot mug of coffee - or you could get up close and personal with them in a wild and picturesque landscape.

By Taylor Wildlife, Jun 21 2018 11:06AM

Taylor Wildlife staff had a very enjoyable (and we hope very informative) weekend providing training to a group from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Having made the long journey up and endured the dreaded 'campsite midge' the group were still in great form and keen to begin their weekend-long Introduction to Upland Surveying course. We kicked off with an indoor session on navigation taught by Joe, before moving outside to put theory into practice.

Navigation training kicked off with some pacing exercises
Navigation training kicked off with some pacing exercises

By Taylor Wildlife, Apr 30 2018 10:00AM

The Scottish Highlands has mighty lungs. Windswept though it may be when her gusts lash across the heather hills and whip over bending burns, her force and the rough conditions she creates are finite. As her breath becomes feeble and the winds die down, the landscape comes alive.