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By Taylor Wildlife, May 2 2018 12:00PM

The birds have started to arrive and the natural world is starting to awake for another seaon in the Scottish uplands. The song of a cuckoo lifts even the thickest of gloom. Looking beyond the mist and onto the horizon it may be possible to witness the skyfall of an eagle or silhouette of a kite - blink though and you might miss it!

The whistle of a ring ouzel or the metallic hymn of a wheatear may be upstaged by the down-slurred sweet, flute-like rhythm of a willow warbler. The resident black grouse stay under the radar and bubble away at the crack of dawn.

Maybe that ringing sound coming from the door isn't the milkman, but instead the vocal grey wagtail pinging it's way to the river?


By Taylor Wildlife, May 1 2017 05:34PM

A nomadic existence has two sides. One, being able to revel in the beauty of nature. Two, the slow but definite emergence of blisters. No one has managed to escape the puffy sore feeling which goes hand-in-hand when the bane of hill walking makes their appearance on the heels and tips of your toes, gradually expanding in all dimensions. For most, visiting the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides was something new to experience. Being able to venture right into the very heart of the island to conduct surveys, granted us all spectacular views of both Golden and White-tailed Eagles. Simply stunning.

From the very heart of Mull
From the very heart of Mull
The mighty Field Assistants returning from the Isle of Mull
The mighty Field Assistants returning from the Isle of Mull
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