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July's Diary - On the Move

By Taylor Wildlife, Aug 1 2018 02:00PM

Bags packed.

"Push that one in there, then shut the boot quickly."

"Don't squash the bread!"

Car loaded. Directions at the ready. Start the vehicle. Radio on. Tires turning. Head bobbing.

"Stop! I've forgotten my charger!"

East coast to west coast. West coast to east. North to south. South to north...

Working at Taylor Wildlife in July involves a great amount of travelling. Having survey locations all over Scotland, many of our Field Assistants' are given the chance to experience the geological and meteorological differences that come with the impressive ourney. This month, I thought I would showcase this scenic change as a gallery of images. Enjoy!

On a light day like this, with a bright blue sky, the teams' have crisp views through their binoculars on ornithological surveys.

It's time to put on a raincoat as the clouds sweep through the glen.

After a hot morning of butterfly surveys, this was the perfect spot to go for a swim.

Almost touching the clouds on Mull, as I head back to HQ after a day of habitat surveys.

Time to take a well-earned break and take in the view!

Every time I looked at this hill, I found it intriguing how the vegetation near the summit changes dramatically, revealing the rock beneath.

Exposed when water levels are low, this west coast loch is surrounded by ancient tree roots.

Can you see yourself recording bird and butterfly species as you navigate across these rugged hills? Contact us to find out if a Field Assistant or Team Leader position with Taylor Wildlife would be right for you.

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